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It’s the first Monday I’m sitting here at home with nothing to do (besides all the cleaning the flat requires and the last-minute editing for a few projects). It’s the first Monday in a year that I find myself on a desk, in my space writing a blog post. I cannot find the words to explain how much I love this. It takes me back to London. The day today is miserable as well. Yet, I find myself being productive. At least more productive than other days even though the weather is still the same since July. God, summer period never seems to end over here. Climate changes and all. I miss feeling like this. Independent. Not working for any company that takes young people in only to chew and swallow their degrees and dreams. But hey, every experience is a lesson. So they say. I find myself dreaming again and it’s good.
I’ve been meaning to publish this about a month now. But life changes never stop to happen lately. In the past month, I’ve been through the biggest emotional roller coaster in my life and I believe that my brain is a bit numb at the moment. Still trying to realise where I stand and what I do. Who I am. Grateful for it all though. To have a roof above my head, food on my plate.
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Since I can remember myself leaving home and moving to London to study, all those¬† 8 years in total I had lived in 4 different places. That’s an average of 2 years in each place. Every time I was doing the same thing: having with me familiar objects from home to feel safe, photographs of my friends and family that would eventually take most of my room walls and flowers. I had to have flowers, always. No matter what I was doing or how I would transform my room/place I knew that it wasn’t for long. Last November when we moved back home and found a flat to move in I felt excited for knowing that this will be our little house for this new chapter in our lives. Yet, it didn’t feel like home for a long time. It took us a while to call it home, still don’t know why. Maybe it was the adjustment. One after another.
Today we feel more than home. This place has become my comfort zone. The place to hide when I want to, the place to relax and work. We used and transformed all the rooms in order to be able to be creative as we used to before. The most important place is the living room which I share with you today – I promised to!
Interior Design Photography Cyprus Welcome, come on in!
Our living room is an open plan space with the kitchen. Is the sacred place in everyone’s house because it’s where you spend time by yourself or having friends and family around! It’s the most useable place in our flat and so we worked hard on decorating it. We still are. Since it’s an open plan, our first mission was to ‘divide’ areas. That’s the first thing one can do with open plan areas. In our flat, as soon as you enter you can see straight forward the kitchen (not the nicest colour but hey) and then on your left is the sitting area. What we did to create a bit of excitement, was to place our bookcase on the left of the entrance so the sitting area is not that obvious. At the wall facing the entrance, we designed a custom made table with marble on top as a greeting feature. We still need to place something on the wall to complete the space there but we are not rushing for it. One of the best things EVER is to slowly buy stuff for the flat. If you rush to buy everything so it’s complete then there’s no fun. Also, I like everything to have a ‘story’ or a purpose. I like the idea of building my own house one day and while using my old stuff thinking “oh we got this from that festival remember?”. Besides, that’s the beauty of living with my man. We both have a different yet similar taste on stuff and we like some mix&match.
Interior Design Photography Cyprus Interior Design Photography Cyprus
The sofas that are currently in the flat (bulky & ugly BUT super comfortable) are not a favourite but for the moment they’ll do. We tried to cover them up with throws and cushions but if you have any tips for better coverage please do share! The furniture used as a TV stand was pre-owned by the landlord and we carefully placed a wallpaper on the back to twist it up. Finally, books and plants are my must-haves. Coffee table books, fashion books and magazines are to be seen everywhere in here. And the plants we got from a local flower shop and they still going strong! Khm, I’m famous for my green fingers, I’ll take care of your plants anytime!
Interior Design Photography Cyprus
This is it from me guys, I hope you liked this catchup and hopefully, I’ll write again sooner that I always promise to! Remember to follow my journey on Instagram!
Until then, take care.
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