Hey Sissy, nice to meet you!

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Hey Sissy, nice to meet you!

Happy Monday my lovely people! The day has started strong and nice as never before! The weather is just lovely, the sun came out to play again and I am spending today at my flat, working on my projects, replying to emails and planning content for the next few weeks.

The week that passed, I got to meet and shoot with one of my favourite bloggers ever. I say that because I have been following her for ages. Like, for real. What got me so into her style is her personality and how she dears to be different and openly be herself. You can easily spot her from afar. Just look out for anything pink!

Sissy is from Thessaloniki in Greece. She started her blog VALIDSTYLE in 2013 to simply share her passion for fashion and anything creative in general. She then started doing YouTube videos. She happened to be for a day in London as part of the Accessorize team from Greece, in order to review the A/W2018 collection. Make sure to visit her profile to see her reviews here.


It was last Wednesday when I made my way down to central London and went to meet her. I was nervous but so excited to finally meet her face to face. We got along so well and our spending time together was followed up by five outfit changes, a long walk up and down Oxford street and many photographs and video clips.

Sissy is such a positive person and a hard working woman. Even though she was so tired from her trip, she didn’t stop being a professional and her lovely self. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined meeting my favourite Greek blogger in London and working with her. Cheers to what’s coming soon!

Below you can find all of the links to her work and her YouTube channel. Stay tuned for today as the London Vlog will be available to view soon and I might be in it as well haha!
Wishing everyone a lovely week!
Maria x


Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/sissy_validstyle/
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0pw7UgqZxvzQiGj4shFvlA
Blog:  http://validstyleblog.com/


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