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Life as it Happens


I’m not gonna lie. This past few weeks have been tough. Balancing uni life with my work life is hard. Missing my family especially when something big (good and bad) happens, is hard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s just one of those phases when I sit down trying to catch my breath and I think, WOW when was the last time I actually sat down to relax and take care of myself?

Last week has been such an emotional rollercoaster. From losing a good family member to presenting a collaborative project to the creative director of Proportion London and to shoot and meet new clients. Life is such a rollercoaster. I prefer to see it as sometimes life happens in a way that reminds us that it is crucial to love and take care of ourselves and appreciate every single tiny thing that we have.

Anyway! I have been a bit away for the reason why I had to concentrate and work hard on my university project. From early in the morning to late in the night, I and my friend were doing nothing else than to study, design and create new ideas for our project for Proportion London. The result was more than satisfying and I am glad to say that I had such a great partner to work with. Domitille is such an inspirational girl, full of ideas and excellent taste on everything regarding design and Architecture. Click HERE to see what I mean!
After we were done with our deadlines, we celebrated with beers BECAUSE I CAN’T SEE ANY REASON WHY NOT!

My week ended by shooting on Friday with Isabella, meeting up with the lovely Eva on Saturday after a looooooooong time and on Sunday I got to meet the lovely Lauren. We spent the day shooting around Surbiton and riding a carousel at a steam fair. Can’t wait to share what we created soon! Lauren is such a great and fun person to spent a day with and really can’t wait to see her again! This week started with the beautiful Bianca. We have been rescheduling our shoot due to the bad weather, and finally, on Monday we got to shoot! You could find us wandering around South Kensington and Notting Hill for the hunt of the perfect flower wall to shoot against. And we found it. And we did. And photos will be up soon on my Instagram and Website.

As you are reading this post now, I am on my way to meet Sissy. She is Greek, Pink and gorgeous. I have been a fan of hers since forever and now she is in London for a day and we decided to create some magic. I am sure that our results will be just fab.
This is what I love about my job: meeting creative, inspiring and hard working people. People who do their best to succeed in a hard industry that demands so many things.

How is your week going so far? Leave a comment below and let me know!
Keep yourselves happy and healthy people. We only got one life yeah?
Maria xx

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